UAE: Relaxed Medical Examination Requirements Implementation Confirmed

UAE: Relaxed Medical Examination

Foreign nationals seeking to enter or remain in the United Arab Emirates are now subject to relaxed medical examination requirements, unless they work in one of several designated professions, Fragomen has confirmed.

Foreign nationals applying for new or renewed residency status in UAE are no longer required to be screened for hepatitis B or C unless they will work as nannies, housemaids, nursery or kindergarten supervisors, beauticians or barbers, health club workers, or food handlers. In addition, foreign nationals applying for a residence permit renewals do not have to be screened for hepatitis B / C or tuberculosis. HIV/AIDS screening requirements remain the same.

In September, media reports suggested that UAE health screening requirements would be reduced, but the details of these reports could not be verified at the time. Note that the relaxed screening requirements as implemented differ slightly from those early reports.

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Source: Fragomen