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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Policy in Practice: Long Term AssignmentsThe Forum for Expatriate Management is pleased to announce the results of our Policy in Practice Survey which looks at the Long Term Assignment Policy.

In the competitive global marketplace, the structure and strategic relevance of the Long Term Assignment policy can have a significant impact on an organization. This survey covers every aspect of the relocation process and delves deeper than ever before into the detail. This is the ultimate benchmarking report prepared by Global Mobility professionals for Global Mobility professionals.

These results will allow you to benchmark your Long Term Assignment policy to ensure it is fit for purpose, minimizes the admin burden on the Global Mobility Function, actively manages cost and works to successfully mobilize and retain talent across the business.

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Here’s a sneak peak at the survey:


  • Almost all respondents stated they would offer the Assignee a pre-assignment visit. 78.6% would include the Partner (if applicable) and only 26.9% would include the children as well (if applicable).
  • 17.2% of the respondents provided up to 5 days of home search assistance and another 17.2% provided more than 5 days home search. Interestingly, nearly a fifth of all respondents did not provide any form of home search assistance for the assignees.
  • Over three quarters of respondents did provide school search assistance. Many respondents commented that the amount given was either 1 to 2 days or was included in the home search entitlement.
  • 86.4% of respondents provided some sort of language training to the assignee but less included a provision for the partner or children in the LTA Policy. The report provides more detail as to how language training is provided.
    • 75.4% of respondents provided cultural training to the assignee. Of that 75.4%, 84.3% offer it to the partner and 54.7% offer it to the children as well. The report provides more detail as to how cultural training is provided.
    • 71% do not include Home Sale Assistance in their policy. Of the 29% that do provide assistance, nearly two thirds pay actual agency fees, just over a sixth pay an allowance and just under a sixth assist in other ways.
    • Over 90% of our respondents do not provide financial support on loss on sale of house. For those that do, many have limits in place for the amount of support given. The report provides more detail on these limits
    • 37.8% of organizations provide assistance with loss on sale of a private car in the home location. Again, those that did provide support were asked if there was a limit defined in the policy on the amount of financial support. The full report provides more details
    • Unsurprisingly, all our respondents stated they provide immigration assistance to the assignee. 84.9% of respondents would assist with a spousal or partners visa if it was applicable in the host location. However, a number of respondents did comment that they would not provide work permit assistance unless it was part of the visa process. Only 10.8% would assist with a visa / work permit for a family Nanny although some stipulated that it would be at the assignees cost.

The survey goes onto cover:-

  • Moving to the Assignment Location – Shipment of Household Goods, Pet Relocation.
  • Start of Assignment – Temporary Housing, Relocation / Disturbance Allowance, Assignment Bonus or Assignment Incentive Payment, Tax Assistance,
  • Tax Policy – Tax Assistance, Tax Equalisation, Tax Protection
  • On Assignment – Schooling, Partner Support, Company Car, Housing Allowance, Deduction of Home Housing Norm, Home Leave Entitlement, Hardship Allowance, Rest & Relaxation Trip, Property Management in the home location, International Medical Cover, Holiday Entitlement, Split Pay, Exceptions, Cost of Living etc

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